It’s OK to Make Mistakes Homesteading

Starting out with gardening, raising animals, or full-on homesteading can be very intimidating. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right, to come up with a good plan, choose the right crops, the right tools, the right animals, etc.

And while we are very fortunate to live in a period of time in which we have a plethora of information at our fingertips, it also can set our sights pretty high, or make us feel like failures when we aren’t living off our own food and meat and still buying most of our groceries at Costco after the first year.

But here’s what you have to embrace about homesteading: you will make mistakes. 

Mistakes are actually a necessary part of homesteading. You can learn a lot from trial and error, and you just might find that disaster one year might result in problem-solving and valuable research that will greatly contribute to crucial prevention for the same disaster next year and for years to come.

Most people learn best by doing, and you’re simply not going to learn how to homestead without getting out there and trying it out.

For example, you might experience a huge pest infestation and lose a crop that you put hours of labor into planting and maintaining. As you desperately try to troubleshoot how to address the infestation using organic insecticide, you’ll start looking up how to treat it, talking to other more seasoned homesteaders, and trying out different methods of getting rid of the pests.

Before you know it, you’re an expert on not only the pests in question, but the plant they’ve infested and what it’s usually vulnerable to. You might learn that because of certain environmental conditions in your zone or on your land in particular, that wasn’t a great choice for a crop. Or you might learn some companion planting choices that have been known to have great success repelling this particular pest.

See how it works? Embrace mistakes! Everything is a learning experience, and you definitely won’t have it down right away. Don’t worry. There’s always next year, and you’ll have learned a heck of a lot since!

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