Choosing Vegetables For Your Winter Garden


Stop digging up your garden after fall harvest and start planning your winter crop! If you’re blessed enough to live in a climate where the winter months don’t come with a thick blanket of snow and sub-zero temps, you can have a successful winter gardening season. Seasonal favorites include most root vegetables such as beets, onions, turnips, and parsnips.

Hardy leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and baby beet greens keep salad on the menu (try them in soups, too!) Spice up your winter selection with exotic veggies like gai lan or kohlrabi. Check out your favorite heirloom seed shops to see what’s available, and consider constructing a simple coldframe in case there’s a frost in the forecast. With the best varieties of veggies to suit your tastes and your region’s weather, you can stay out of the supermarket and keep fresh produce on the table year-round.

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