Hunt for Your Meat

If you are a homesteader, you have probably spent quite a bit of time trying to determine just how much food you can grow on your property. While growing your veggies and fruit, and canning them, is great, most people will also want to have meat on the table. You may have some livestock that you can use, such as chickens. However, the best way to get more meat is to start hunting.

Take the time to see what animals are in your area and the times of the hunting seasons. Common animals to hunt include deer, boar, ducks, quail, squirrel and turkeys. Find out how many of each animal you can bag and then start learning how to hunt. Remember, just because you go hunting does not mean you are going to be successful. As with any activity in the outdoors, it requires a combination of skill and a little luck. Keep learning more about hunting, practice shooting, and you will get better at it.

Of course, you need to know the rules and regulations for hunting in your area and even on your own land to make sure you do not do anything that would get you into trouble. Even on your own land, you need to obey the hunting laws. If you don’t, and if the authorities find out, you could face fines and time in jail. That’s the last thing you need. It is just easier to follow the laws.

We know that hunting is not for everyone. Many people do not like to think about the act of killing their own food, but they should realize that the meat they buy in the grocery store used to be alive and well, too. Hunting, when done properly, is more humane and provides a quicker, less terrifying death for the animals. This is something to keep in mind if you are on the fence.


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