Homesteading Before Having a Homestead

You might be wondering about the title. How is it possible to start becoming a homesteader before you have land and an actual homestead? It is easier than you might think and it is actually a good idea to do this before you buy a large plot of land. This simply means that you are starting to learn some of the skills you will need as a homesteader, if you do not already know them. It also means that you will be implementing some of these elements into your current lifestyle.

You need to start thinking about the different ways that you can be more self-sufficient. This means learning to repair things around the house, including mending your clothing. You have to get out of the mindset of simply being able to buy everything that you need brand new.

In addition, you should start to consider the possibility of growing some of your food. Whether you have a small yard, a patio, or even if you have to grow inside, you can start now. Maybe you are only able to produce a few tomatoes, some herbs, and a couple of zucchini. You are supplementing your food and saving money. Even more important, you are starting to learn more about gardening.

By learning to homestead before you buy land, you will also get a better idea of whether this lifestyle is really for you. If you can’t be more self-sufficient while you still have modern luxuries around you, it will be difficult to do it for real. It is better to know this sooner rather than later. You might find that you love the freedom that homesteading offers; and it can spur you to save more for your land so you can start to expand as a homesteader.

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