5 Great Reasons to Get Goats


Goats are awesome. They’re fun, cute, useful, slightly weird, and low-budget and low-maintenance options for livestock. If you’re not convinced, below are five great reasons to get goats.

1. Milk

I don’t know about you but I personally don’t need any more reason than this. Goat milk is delicious, and what’s better than loads of free milk, from an animal who’s food you supply and who you see every day? A constant supply of free range, non-GMO, organic goat’s milk of your own is definitely the very best reason to get a goat.

2. Cheese

There is such a thing as too much milk, but I’m not sure there’s such a thing as too much cheese! Especially goat’s cheese. Goat’s cheese is delicious and flavorful and very easy to make. Plus you could even sell it at a local farmer’s market, goat cheese has long been considered very gourmet.

3. Weed control 

While letting your goats into your garden probably isn’t a very good idea, goats can be very efficient at clearing back shrubs and weeds if you’d like to clear a spot to make a new garden! Wherever they are they will most likely keep the plants back, so goats are a great way to cut back on time and money spent mowing and trimming plants and shrubs.

4. Free Manure 

Like any animal, goats provide an awesome supply of manure to add to compost piles or garden beds. It’s a lot less stinky than cow or chicken manure too, and the hard, small pellets are relatively easy to collect.

5. Cheap alarm system

Goats are loud and curious so if anyone ever tries to sneak on to your property, you’ll definitely hear about it. Goats herd on over to check out and loudly bleat at anyone knew, so in addition to all the wonderful reasons to get goats this is definitely a nice plus!

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One comment on “5 Great Reasons to Get Goats

  1. Goats usually get a bum rap. Thanks for telling it like it is.. And for showing a Nubian goat, my favorite breed.
    Sincerely, JT Mueller

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