Crops You Can Plant in August

As summer is winding down, many crops planted in spring and early summer are ready to be harvested and your garden beds are getting bare. But you don’t have to go fallow just yet-here are a few great options for crops you can plant in August for Fall or Winter harvest.


The choice vegetable of hipsters is at the top of this list for a reason. Quite possibly the perfect fall and winter crop, they are very cold-hardy, and may only require something as simple as a heavy row cover to protect them from cold and frost. But what most people enjoy the most about winter-grown kale is that cooler temperatures make the typically bitter green sweeter.



Carrots also tend to be sweeter in the cooler months, and will often be ready in time to make for a delightful side dish at Thanksgiving. The tiny seeds can be quite vulnerable to drying out in the August heat, however, so if you direct sow make sure to water them frequently throughout the day.

Asian Greens

Cold hardy and quickly maturing, Asian greens like Chinese cabbage, bok choy and tatsoi are a great choice for late bok-choysummer planting. The cooler weather also enhances the flavor of these already delicious greens, and the nutritious leaves are perfect for hearty stir-fries and soups.


Beets are a classic fall crop, and for good reason. Their robust, sweet flavor is excellent for fall and winter roasts and stews. Make sure to plant them 8 weeks before the first frost if you want anything more than just the tops, but if you plant them later, you’ll at least be able to harvest the delicious and nutritious greens.


Quite similar to beets, turnips are also a classic vegetable of fall and winter and will make a delightful addition to stews, vegetable roasts and even salads. Also like beets, they must be planted 8 weeks before the first frost if you’d like to enjoy the root.

Happy planting!

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2 thoughts on “Crops You Can Plant in August

  1. I live in Tampa FL. Are the garden tips fine if you live in Florida? I just recently purchased a Tower Garden 2 and excited about planting a garden and the heat is finally getting better. Thanks for the information you have sent me.

    1. I am from Florida, now living in Tennessee. For a tower garden, be prepared to water it at least every other day. Because it is vertical, the top will remain drier, so plan your veggies according to which ones need the most water. Temperatures in your area should remain good for growing all winter! If the temps do drop, just cover the plants with a heavy row cover. They should do fine!! I kept a garden growing in the Tallahassee area for all but one month – January ! Good luck !!

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