Using Compostable Diapers in the Garden 

If you have kids in diapers and have gotten on the “green” bandwagon, then you are paying enough for those diapers that you might want to get more than one use out of them.  Well, maybe not some of them, but the ones that have only been soiled with urine.  If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then you can get a little more for your money that you are spending on those fancy compostable diapers.



Again, you don’t want to spread any sort of yucky disease, so only use the pee diapers.  After cutting them up with a pair of scissors they can be added to the compost pile and covered in green waste.  Urine, after all, has a lot of nutrients, including nitrogen.


Diapers can be cut up and dug into beds that aren’t active.  Since the diaper is meant to retain moisture, if they are placed at the bottom the bed they will hold water there and give root crops like carrots and potatoes something to reach for.


Adding cut up diapers to potting mix in containers will reduce the need to water as often, and the amount of water that is needed when watering by holding on to the water.


Since you are already paying for these “eco-friendly” diapers (over-paying would be more accurate), then you don’t want to spend more money on moisture retainers for your soil when you can just add in those diapers and save room in the landfill.


Adding diapers to the garden might not evoke much appetite, so if you don’t feel comfortable eating crops grown in soil with diapers, try them in soil that you are growing herbs or ornamentals in first.  You might come around when you see how much those plants benefit from that additional boost.


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