Medicinal Herbs and Roots for Homesteaders

When living as self-sufficiently as possible, you want to keep trips to the drugstore to a minimum, naturally. Fortunately, you can find some great medicinal herbs that you can grow and keep around the house that will help to keep you and your family healthy. Of course, there may always come a time when you have no choice but to use meds from the doctor or the drugstore, but these herbs can help you with quite a few ailments.

Cayenne Pepper

Powdered cayenne pepper is for more than adding some spice to your meals. You can use it for several things. It is said to boost circulation and increase energy. It can also be sprinkled onto a cut or a scrape to help stop the bleeding.


Ginger root can work wonders as well. Whether eaten or placed in tea, ginger can energize you and help deal with sore joints. When placed in a compress, it can be used to help treat mild burns.


This plant is another very good option for treating mild burns, including sunburns. You can cut the leaves and use the gel on the inside to cover the burns. It provides a cooling and soothing feeling as it heals.


Cranberries are for more than just Thanksgiving. They can help to treat bladder and urinary tract infections. They also happen to taste good, which is a nice benefit.

Of course, as with any illness or ailment that you might have, the best course of action is to seek the help of a medical professional. These tips are for the homesteader who might not have immediate access to a doctor and who still needs some help in the meantime. Continue to learn more about various herbs, roots, and plants that can help you with other ailments.

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3 thoughts on “Medicinal Herbs and Roots for Homesteaders

  1. If I could add just one thing to the list it would be Charcoal. Charcoal can be a god send if you have eaten something that is causing you stomach upset. Charcoal is first on the list to take for many cases of poisoning not all. Wait for a deal and load up on it. Charcoal should last almost for ever, is cheap and handy to keep around because high heat doesn’t cut down on the efficiency. Charcoal may show up as dark or black stool so keep this in mind. Charcoal also can be used for dog with a stomach problem from something they ate.

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