The Life Cycle of a Chicken (Infographic)

So I guess it’s a bit of an urban legend that chickens need roosters to lay eggs. Which makes sense, of course, given we humans need a male and a female to “lay” a baby! However, this understandable misconception is due to the fact that eggs are not the exact equivalent of a human baby bump.

Chicken eggs are just that, eggs. They need to be fertilized to develop into baby chicks, but they’re perfectly good eggs for food, in fact they’ll be wasted if we don’t eat them! This is why the relationship between humans and chickens is such a beautiful one.

This handy infographic from displays the lifecycle of a chicken, and I found it very handy to understand how eggs are created and why, in fact, you do not need a rooster to lay chickens for eggs. There are, of course, other reasons you might want a rooster, but purely for the purpose of laying eggs, as you can see by this illustration, your ladies will be plenty productive all on their own. Enjoy!


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