Easy Mistakes to Avoid in the Garden


When you have a failure in your garden chances are it is not unique to you.  You probably made a mistake that plenty of other gardeners have made, a mistake that was easy to make, and probably easy to avoid as well if you know how.  Here are a few of the more common easily avoidable mistakes that gardeners make.


Bad Stock

If you start off with something bad, you can’t really expect to get good results.  For this reason you want to buy your seeds or cutting from a good source and not try collecting seeds from store bought tomatoes (which are probably hybridized and don’t produce true seeds) or ordering cheap seeds online from less reputable sources.

Bad Soil

Even if you start off with the best seeds, you won’t get too far if you soil is devoid of nutrients.  This usually happens when gardeners start with good enough soil and then fail to properly fertilize during growing and properly amend the soil between crops.  Mulching with wood chips throughout growing and amending with rich compost will usually prevent this, but soil test should be done if these are not enough.

Growing Out of Season

Just because you see a crop in the store during the summer doesn’t mean that you will be able to produce that same crop in your zone that time of year.  A lot of time and resources can be wasted if you try to grow out of season.

Improper Harvest Time

Even if you have good seeds, soil, and grow the right time of year, if you harvest too soon or too late you will not get good results.  Two examples of common crops harvested at the wrong time are okra and corn.  People often let their okra get too large so that they have a lot of okra in one harvest, then are disappointed that it doesn’t taste good because it is too old.  Corn is often harvested too young because gardeners get impatient.  Test each crop with a single harvest if you are unsure.


You work hard in your garden, so do it right so you can enjoy all the fruits of your labor.

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