Dollar Store First Aid Supplies

It’s really important to keep a well-stocked first aid kit on the homestead. Scrapes, scratches, and bruises are common, and you also might live far away from a medical clinic or hospital and will need to tend to more serious wounds or illnesses yourself at times.

There are a multitude of pre-made first aid kits out there, of course, but sometimes these are value-added products that are not worth your money. It’s better to build one yourself, for a few reasons. It’s more affordable, it’s easier to replace items as they diminish, and you can tailor it for the injuries and conditions you most anticipate in your area.

Dollar stores are a great place to get your first aid kit going. You might want to invest a bit more money in a sturdy box for your first aid kit at Walmart or from Amazon, just so you can get something durable that will last, and then fill it with supplies from a dollar store.

Here are some items to keep an eye out for, to stock your first aid kit and also to hoard for emergencies or disasters:

Bandaids & Bandages 

Usually the #1 item you run to your first aid kit for, you can almost never have too many. You can stuff them into Ziplock or vacuum-seal bags to have a backup for your first aid kit so you don’t fill it up with bandages and bandaids.

Hydrogen Peroxide 

This is another great item to get from the dollar store, as it’s cheap and also great to have a good supply of. You can use it to sanitize wounds and surfaces.

Isopropol Alcohol 

Isopropol, or rubbing alcohol, is another great item to have that you can get dirt cheap at a dollar store. It can be used to clean wounds and keep equipment like tweezers or needles (if you need them) sanitary.

Vinyl Gloves

Continuing in the trend of keeping things sanitary, vinyl gloves are also very important for treating wounds, and especially if you anticipate needing to do your own minor medical procedures like delivering a baby or sewing up a wound. Vinyl gloves have all kinds of general uses on the homestead, too!


You can usually find cheap, generic painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin at dollar stores, and these are always great to have in your first aid kit.


Other items you could stock up on would be things like q-tips, medical tape, antibacterial soap, etc. Just check your local dollar store out and see what they have!

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