Guerrilla Gardening  


Anyone that grew up a Duke Boys fan knows that sometimes making your way the only way you know how can be more than the law allows.  This doesn’t just apply to reckless driving and moonshining though, this can apply to growing beans and tomatoes or raising chickens.  All over the country and even the world, laws limit or completely outlaw basic human rights involving taking an active role in your personal food production.  If you live in an area where this is the case, there might be something you can do, short of an armed revolt, that can help you get around the unjust and ignorant laws that limit your rights.


If you are not allowed to grow food in your front yard you can…

  • Hide your food amongst ornamental flowers
  • Avoid bright fruiting plants like eggplant or tomatoes and instead grow herbs, greens, and root crops in the front.
  • Use ornamental trellises to grow crops like pole beans, Malabar spinach, and peas.
  • Avoid planting in grid patterns or using drab wooden raised beds. Use decorative containers, and stones for border and plant in a way that is visually appealing.
  • Use the front yard to plant fruit trees.

If you are not allowed to have animals…

  • You can try raising tilapia instead of chickens.

If you are limited on the number of birds you can have…

  • You can increase the size of the bird instead of the number and still have a similar amount of flesh and even a similar amount of egg mass. Turkeys are massive compared to chickens, and so are their eggs.
  • Since the Gestapo is unlikely to break down your door and count your birds, you can attempt to avoid law enforcement being notified of any potential violation by buttering up your neighbors with some fresh eggs now and then. And always keeping their area clean so that it does not smell bad for your neighbors.

Ultimately it is all going to depend upon your neighbors since they are going to be the ones that would call law enforcement on you, so if you can’t reason with them, maybe you can work to change the laws in your area by raising awareness since people who don’t garden are likely not aware of the laws at all.

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