Curing Bacon, Step by Step (Video)

Who doesn’t love bacon? One thing I love even more than bacon is seeing processes like curing meat, so this video was fascinating to me.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Down South Homestead, wanted to show their viewers how they cure their own bacon. I’ve always wondered what the exact process would look like since I love cured meats of all kinds. They take you through each step of prepping the meat, preparing the cure, how the cure draws the moisture out, drying it, smoking it, etc. If you’re not hungry by the end of this video, there’s probably something wrong with you! Enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Curing Bacon, Step by Step (Video)

  1. That made my mouth watering j7st watching the video! Can’t imagine what it smelled like up close. Excellent video! Look forward to more.

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