Kohlrabi is a cold hardy vegetable in the cabbage family.  There are both purple and green varieties, both produce edible leaves similar to collard greens that can be eaten raw or cooked and a bulb that can be eaten raw.  The bulb grows above the ground and has a skin that should be removed prior to eating.  It is a nice addition to salads, some compare its taste to an apple, though I have never grown any that taste as good as an apple myself.  Here are some tips on growing kohlrabi in your garden.


  • Plant kohlrabi in the fall to late fall depending on the variety that you are growing and the zone you are in and protection you have for your garden.
  • Since kohlrabi is in the cabbage family it will grow well with other crops like aromatic herbs, celery, and onions.
  • It should not be grown with pole beans or tomatoes.
  • If you notice that your kohlrabi is looking healthy, producing a lot of nice leaves, but not producing a bulb when it should, this is probably due to too much nitrogen in the soil. Use less fertilizer next time.
  • As the weather warms, kohlrabi will bolt. Harvest all but a few of your kohlrabi prior to bolt since the taste will be affected.
  • To harvest, cut the plant just above the soil surface. This will leave the bulb intact and not disturb the sounding plants the way uprooting it would.
  • The remaining plants can be allowed to go to seed so that you can have more kohlrabi for the next season.

Kohlrabi is not difficult to grow or to harvest the seeds.  It is a unique crop that offers both a delicious bulb and nutritious leaves.  Everyone should try kohlrabi in their garden at least once.

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