DIY Lamp Oil

Ok, this is really cool. I had no idea it was so easy to make your own lamp oil, but as it’s basically comprised of rubbing, or isopropyl, alcohol, and distilled water, apparently it’s quite simple to mix up your own batch that’s guaranteed to be a lot cheaper than the kind you’ll buy pre-made at Walmart for tiki torches or old-fashioned oil lamps.

Lamp for oils is a really important item to keep on a homestead. If you live off-grid or with limited electricity, it can easily light up a room in the evening and save on electricity. I used a simple oil lamp at night for years and loved it. You can hang them to disperse the light and cook, clean up, even read, depending on how close you are to the lamp or how many you have. They’re great! So this is why I was so thrilled to discover how stupid simple it is to make your own fuel for them.

Since the base is rubbing alcohol, you can easily just stock up on this and make it when you need it. Rubbing alcohol is already a great item to have in your stockpile for first aid.

So, here’s what you need: 

  • 16 oz bottle of isopropyl alcohol
  • Distilled water
  • Mixing container
  • Storage container (plastic bottles with caps will do for both of these)
  • Essential oil (optional)


  1. Put your alcohol in the container you intend to mix in.
  2. Measure 1 tsp of distilled water and 1/2 tsp essential oils if you intend to use them, and add to the bottle.
  3. Shake your mixture vigorously.
  4. Pour into the container you intend to use, then close the lid tightly and label. This is an important step so you don’t get it mixed up with regular rubbing alcohol or other solutions.

That’s it! So simple and easy, right?

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