Outdoor Games for the Kids on the Homestead

In today’s world, most kids spend far too much time inside. Many youngsters prefer sitting in front of the television watching shows or playing games, or zoning out on the Internet instead of getting outside. While it is smart to understand and to keep up with technology, it is just as important to make sure the kids get outside and learn to enjoy everything that the outdoors can offer.

It’s Not All Work

Yes, kids that live in a homesteading environment will have chores that help the rest of the house and farm. They will be expected to do these chores, along with any schoolwork they have. However, parents need to remember just how important it is to be a kid and to have fun. Not everything is about chores and work. Kids still need to have fun, and even though hunting and fishing can be a blast for many kids, they still need to have other types of fun, as well.

The following are some simple and fun games that can be played in a rural environment. Some can be played solo, while others will need to have some additional kids (siblings, neighbors, friends) to play.

Hide and Seek

This is a tried and true classic. You can play during the day, or you can play at night. Naturally, there are plenty of interesting and fun places to hide on the farm and on just about any rural homestead. However, as a parent, you do need to set boundaries for the kids so they do not wander too far without your knowledge and so they do not hide near or in anything that could be dangerous. Use your common sense and pass it on to your kids.

Flashlight Tag

Here’s a fun twist on the classic game of tag. You play this at night. One person, called “It” has a flashlight, and it is their job to find and “tag” a person by putting the beam of light on him or her. The person who is caught in the beam then gets the flashlight and becomes “It.”

Obstacle Course

Another fun thing to do while outside is to set up an obstacle course. The kids can have an obstacle course that they can run, or one that they can ride their bike through. They could have hills, jumps, rope swings, walls, tires, and anything else that sounds like fun. Parents should help the kids build an obstacle course that is challenging and fun, but also safe.

This is just the start of the many different things that kids can do to have fun when they live in a rural environment. Think back to the time when you were a kid and the things you used to do. Maybe you liked to catch fireflies in jars to examine before letting them go. You and your kids can use your imagination and find plenty of great reasons to enjoy spending more time than ever outside.

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