How to Make Hard Candy (Video)

This is a homemade recipe I’ve always wanted to try, and this fun and informative video on how to make your own hard candy at home is really great!

Using simple tools and ingredients that you probably already have at home, (with the exception of a candy thermometer, not everyone might have that), they walk you through the simple process with clarity and humor.

Candy making is simple, but it’s also a very precise chemical reaction that’s taking place, as you bring the ingredients to extremely high temperatures to achieve the desired consistency, so I think it’s really useful to be able to see the process yourself before trying it out. Or all recipes, hard candy is probably a great one to follow a video recipe for.

And of course, above all else, making your own hard candy is a great way to avoid the nasty chemicals and dye that is found in commercial candy. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth or want to give a really great gift to a friend or family member who does, this is a great way to ensure your sweets are much healthier! Enjoy!

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